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Radiophone has an unsurpassed reputation for providing the finest communications installation services in southern Missouri. A traveling team of installation professionals can be dispatched to any destination where services are required.

Here are some of the installation services we provide:

  • Vehicle communications or electronics equipment. Vehicles including sedans, SUV’s, small to large trucks, police cars, fire trucks, ambulances, armored vehicles, and tanks.
  • Emergency vehicle equipment including radios, mobile data, mobile video, light bars, wig-wags, push bumpers, prisoner cages, dog cages, and hydraulic doors.
  • Communications infrastructure including rack-mounted radio equipment, LAN devices, satellite receivers and servers.
  • Control stations
  • Antenna systems internally or externally building-mounted
  • Mobile data systems
  • Mobile video systems
  • Point-to-point and point-to-multipoint wireless links
  • Wi-Fi networks
  • Light tower work (30’ height or less)
  • Heavy tower work (subcontracted)

These are just some of our installation capabilities, though we would be open to discuss any project that includes any type of vehicle or fixed equipment installation.


  • CETsr SETWCM 488
  • CETsr SETRAD 488
  • CETsr SETMSSS 131757
  • CET Associate AST129808
  • CET Link Verification T1LV128482
  • NWT003 Advanced Networking Essentials
  • NST762 Networking Essentials
  • MET0301 MR Project Management
  • MEL0301 MR Engineering Academy
  • WEL2300 Deploy a Mesh Network
  • MOT825-E-R-ASTRO 25 Conventional
  • MCC5500 Dispatch Console Overview
  • ASC78200-E ASTRO 25 Trunking System Overview
  • ACS79201-E ASTRO 25 IV&D Introduction to Radio System Management Applications